Balic - City of Sails

 In Balic, we treasure our freedoms. You are free to speak as you will. of course, Andropinis is also 
free to speak as he will, which might very well be an order for your execution. Choose your words with
 care my friend.
                                                                 - Darian, a patrician of Balic. 

Sorcerer-King: Dictator Andropis, who claims to have been elected to the throne over 700 years ago.

Population: Roughly 24,000 live in Balic with more in the nearby countryside.

General Info: The wealthiest of the seven cities, Balic is a merchant power known for its democratic system, of course the true power is Dictator Andropis. Balic has little threat from other cities, however giants and desert raiders attacky the manors and fields outside the city.

Balic - City of Sails

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