Draj - City of the Moons

 You, friend, have been given a great honor. To see the Father is a rare blessing bestowed only on the
 worthiest souls.Whats that you say? Sacrificed? Oh, yes-yes, indeed, you will be sacrificed. Now don't
 struggle so. To have your heart claimed by a god-what a gift!
                                                                 - Darian, a patrician of Balic. 

Sorcerer-King: Tectuktitlay, the father of life. He claims to be a god, and his people worship him as if her were.

Population: Roughly 18,000 live in Draj with more(mostly slaves) in the surrounding fields. Humans make up about half the population with the major minorities being dwarves and elves.

General Info: A society of clans, a group of families who practice the same trade. Draj is a bloodthirsty city with an enormous army of over 3,000 soldiers. This city is very unfriendly to outsiders, and the fewe taverns that exist are located at the gates of the city.

Draj - City of the Moons

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