Gulg - The Forest City

 You think you act in secret, but the forest ghosts see all that occurs beneath their boughs. There
 are no secrets from the Oba. She has sent me to show you the truth of this.

                                                                 - Chachak-Ke, juduga 

Sorcerer-Queen: Lalali-Puy, Queen of Gug. Aka the Oba, the Forest Goddess, or the Mother of Trees. The people of the forests believe her to be a god and worship her in accordance.

Population: Roughly 13,000 live in Gulg, the smallest of the city states. The majority are human.

General Info: A city in the loosest sense of the word, Gulg is a cluster of forest villages. Gulg is a true monarchy, all property belongs to the sorceress-queen, and she holds the ultimate power of life or death over all citizens. Nobility in Gulg are hunter, or Judagas, who serve as the core of the Gulg army. Templars of the Forrest Goddess vary from templars in other city states, in Gulg the templar are secret witch doctors known as the Ngana, who perform their masters will in secret.

Gulg - The Forest City

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