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Rules for Dark Sun

Basic Rules for Dark Sun.

1- No divine characters if there is a particular divine class you want o play let me know and we can work something out.

2 – Extinct races - Daevas, gnomes, kobolds, and orcs are extint. again if you really want to play one of these races talk to me and we can make something up.

3- Arcane magic is not liked If people catch you using arcane magic they will most likely avoid you entirely, assuming they dont try to kill you. I will assume you are hiding your arcane magic and not defiling unless you tell me otherwise. All arcane dailies will need a bluff check to pass off as psionic or elemental if civilians are around.

4- Magical and metal weapons will be scare i will be giving everyone static bonuses as they level in place of the magic items they would normally be buying. If you find or receive a magic item the bonuses do not stack. IF YOU REALLY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS LET ME KNOW! Non-metal weapons will have a chance to break, i will probably modify the weapon breaking rules so it doesnt happen too often but there will be a chance. For the sake of being awesome magical weapons will repair themselves after an encounter if they break.

5 – Boons In place of the magic powers granted by magic items i will try to work in boons presented in the back of the book (essentially bonus powers with a permanent stat modification EX: resist 4 fire in conjunction with a daily power)

6- I would like people to try and use weapons/ feats/ whatever that is related to Dark Sun, obviously you dont have to since you wouldnt have as many options. BUT it would be cool to add some flavor from dark sun so it seems more like a different experience.


Tyr – The Free City

Balic – City of Sails

Draj – City of the Moons

Gulg – The Forest City

Nibenay – City of Spires

Raam – City of unrest

Urik – City of Lions

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