Nibenay - City of Spires

Raiders troubling the road to Raam? Unfortunate i suppose, but it hardly seems like cause for 
concern. Does anything important come from Raam? Who would want to go to Raam anyway? If you must,
 send someone to bribe some other band of savages to drive them off. 
                                                                 - Sadag, a Nibenese Noble. 

Sorcerer-King: Nibenay, also refered to as the Shadow King. For twenty centuries he has let the temple buracracies run the city, emerging only when necessary to lead his forces to war or crush rebellions. However news of Kalaks fall has cause him to take a more active role in his cities affairs, and the readiness of his army.

Population: Roughly 24,000 live in Nibenay, most of the population is human with larger minorites of giants and elves.

General Info: The citizens of Nibenay consider themselves to be the last civilized people on Athas. All of the templars in Nibenay are female and are all considered to be the wives of the Sorcerer-king, although except for few of the highest ranking templar this is in ceremonial only.

Nibenay - City of Spires

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