Raam - City of unrest

Raam is a city exhausted. THe land can support it no longer. There are no treasure left to pluck
from the earth. The sorcerer-queen? She hides, knowing death waits in every shadow. The warlords?
Petty, feckless, and brutal. Dont waste your water on us.
                                                                 - Gaurav, disaffected rebel 


Sorcerer-Queen: Abalach-Re, considered to be unclean ever by her own citizens, she spends her time pursuing pleasure rather than running her city. Generations ago she abandoned her royal throne and declared herself a prophet of an all-powerful diety known as Badna. She appointed herself the Grand Vizier and razed the cities temples replacing them with temples to Badna.

Population: About 40,000 people live in the city of Raam, with another 40,000 living in Warlord villages surrounding the city, making it the most populous city-state. Humans constitute less than half of the populace, the largest minorties are Elves and dwarves.

General Info: Once a great and mighty city, Raam has fallen. Now a city filled with wars and riots waged by warlords vying for dominance within the walls. There are fewer templars in Raam, and the state of the city has caused some to even barricade themselves indoors, ignoring the will of Abalache-Re.

Raam - City of unrest

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