Tyr - The Free City

 Is it true? Kalak dead? Slaves Freed? Magic wild in the streets? Doubtful, but we'll
 know soon enough.
                                                                     - Shahin, wandering hermit 

Population: Roughly 15,000 within the walls with another 15,000 in the valley surrounding the city

Power Struggle: The mighty Sorcerer-King Kalak who has ruled the city since before anyone can remember has been overthrown. No one knows the truth of his fall but the repercussions are widespread. Travelers and fugitives alike travel to Tyr to see if the rumors are true, Tyr is the first free city to exist in thousands of years.

General Info:Former high templar Tithian is now recognized as the king of Tyr. Slavery has been banned in tyr Most of Tyr’s army has disbanded since the fall of Kalak, but the former templars are begining to rebuild as the Tyrian Guard. There is an Arena in Tyr should you wish to try out the gladiatorial lifestyle.

Tyr - The Free City

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